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Like A Fire ♥

100 icons of EXO


 photo 18_zps550da37c.png  photo 14_zps2d848896.png  photo 51_zps0841e347.png  photo 28_zps790c35e3.png

A/N: Hello, it’s been a while since I made the last batch, now I come back to post a pretty quick batch of EXO icons, hope you guys enjoy it ^^

EXO Icon

 photo 100_zps059349fa.png  photo 99_zpscefa335c.png  photo 98_zpse161aca8.png  photo 97_zps6f1705d4.png
 photo 96_zpse131c7f3.png  photo 94_zpse78e1af4.png  photo 90_zps646e6e97.png  photo 92_zps5d3a9056.png
 photo 86_zps95b17721.png  photo 85_zpsba321dae.png  photo 76_zps81beacb8.png  photo 80_zpsdaf77b32.png

 photo 79_zpsec6a8f0e.png  photo 78_zpsc1248255.png  photo 77_zps2515ce03.png  photo 73_zpsb4475783.png
 photo 75_zpsfe7665c6.png  photo 70_zpscc207231.png  photo 74_zps7e44bfe1.png  photo 72_zpsa95a6a69.png
 photo 71_zps7af58e9f.png  photo 68_zpsf3f85a73.png  photo 67_zps26f3dd73.png  photo 66_zpsdb76d475.png

 photo 32_zpsa0fe8ee8.png  photo 62_zps266827a5.png  photo 63_zpse7634b95.png  photo 33_zps24ebc36f.png
 photo 61_zpsdacbe3b3.png  photo 60_zpsbc1813cb.png  photo 57_zps28e42831.png  photo 58_zps176adb36.png
 photo 59_zpscef2a935.png  photo 55_zps79f44d98.png  photo 56_zps22d64d26.png  photo 52_zpsee1098ea.png

 photo 54_zpsee2b5ea2.png  photo 45_zps2165a26d.png  photo 53_zps6e56880d.png  photo 51_zps0841e347.png
 photo 50_zps7773711b.png  photo 46_zpsd448e31b.png  photo 44_zps99bb589e.png  photo 47_zpsf7627ca7.png
 photo 49_zps2bd15308.png  photo 48_zpsaf1c68dc.png  photo 43_zpsf0beef67.png  photo 42_zps74de4866.png

 photo 41_zps3b6bdd94.png  photo 39_zps0a131732.png  photo 40_zpsfefb7687.png  photo 34_zpse08608c5.png
 photo 38_zps297737da.png  photo 36_zps9b31a3c0.png  photo 37_zps648db66b.png  photo 35_zps4a9f42b0.png
 photo 31_zpsc1b96358.png  photo 30_zps7cd0f250.png  photo 27_zpsef1af05e.png  photo 29_zps46b3cdc3.png

 photo 28_zps790c35e3.png  photo 26_zps124a3eef.png  photo 23_zps76f9025d.png  photo 25_zpsfda64218.png
 photo 24_zpsef534c72.png  photo 22_zps41262877.png  photo 21_zpsa564ffdd.png  photo 19_zpsbbb47293.png
 photo 20_zpscc56ae71.png  photo 15_zpse4e5854e.png  photo 17_zps5fcdd627.png  photo 18_zps550da37c.png

 photo 16_zps97880246.png  photo 14_zps2d848896.png  photo 13_zps0076415c.png  photo 11_zps8ff92544.png
 photo 7_zpsf36984ea.png  photo 12_zps6b15f585.png  photo 10_zps55431d04.png  photo 9_zpsde57e0d3.png
 photo 8_zpsc778085e.png  photo 1_zpsba787e12.png  photo 3_zps569cf15b.png  photo 5_zps1e6bba6e.png

 photo 4_zpsdfe1aa7f.png  photo 6_zpsadcf59f6.png  photo 2_zpsbc2db1e1.png

B & W
 photo 91_zps6ff963aa.png  photo 95_zps370f8fb0.png  photo 93_zps6e7112a9.png  photo 83_zpsf0e39cc1.png
 photo 89_zpse0f77df4.png  photo 88_zps42940580.png  photo 81_zps828c4087.png  photo 87_zps938fe2d4.png
 photo 84_zpsa43c2008.png  photo 82_zps6cb3904d.png  photo 69_zps326d5daa.png  photo 65_zps5aa7ddd1.png
 photo 64_zps5b830491.png

A/N: So that’s the batch, I hope that it doesn’t look too shabby or messy ;A; Next time I’ll post better batch and (probably) I’ll write fics again, please look forward to it ^^

Please let me know if you’re using one of them, crediting is highly appreciated but it’s not really necessary just don’t claim them as yours :)

Thanks a lot for the comment guys, love ya <3
Tags: !graphics, icons
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