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47 icons of EXO (Animated + Color)


 photo 86_zps7a268b43.png  photo 83_zps1d26c600.gif  photo 87_zpsd05bbeed.png

A/N: Hey guys, since I was bored so I decided to post another (super) quick batch lol. It’s been a while since I made GIFs, hope it’s fine.

EXO Icon


 photo 104_zps2a115e36.png  photo 99_zps8ff2638e.png  photo 98_zps446f1df4.png  photo 101_zps79a6e7d4.png

 photo 102_zpsfc3d0031.png  photo 100_zpsc5f17a36.png  photo 97_zps0d744e87.png  photo 96_zps223d7d50.png

 photo 95_zpsc35f8466.png  photo 94_zps99eef444.png  photo 93_zps9fe263a2.png  photo 91_zps6d4b5bfc.png

 photo 90_zps441ced94.png  photo 92_zpse66f3ffc.png  photo 89_zpsf2e3c42e.png  photo 88_zpsed5f57b1.png

 photo 87_zpsd05bbeed.png  photo 86_zps7a268b43.png


 photo 84_zpse630be09.gif  photo 85_zps5c10cb03.gif  photo 83_zps1d26c600.gif  photo 82_zps8a48c17e.gif

 photo 81_zpsdbba40f9.gif  photo 78_zps06392957.gif  photo 80_zpsc925517f.gif  photo 76_zpsaeb8d0d2.gif

 photo 77_zps360dbeb4.gif  photo 79_zpsa0bff8be.gif  photo 71_zps96406b20.gif  photo 74_zps3e99b461.gif

 photo 73_zpse7a553f9.gif  photo 75_zps2c03e66c.gif  photo 72_zps50014340.gif  photo 70_zps01896e27.gif

 photo 69_zps72e28126.gif  photo 68_zpsd541dd3f.gif  photo 63_zps9e31ee54.gif  photo 61_zps01784db0.gif

 photo 62_zps3502dfaa.gif  photo 67_zpsfc4d214f.gif  photo 59_zps321e7061.gif  photo 56_zpsdf90129a.gif

 photo 57_zpsc8b5798a.gif  photo 55_zpsc5104da5.gif  photo 60_zps7c987e0f.gif  photo 58_zpseb04a7a6.gif

A/N: Yeah, here they are, basically almost all of them are from Growl Era. I think I’ll make another mood theme after they release the MV of Growl, well what do you think guys? Do you want another EXO mood theme? ^^

Please let me know if you’re using one of them, crediting is highly appreciated but it’s not really necessary just don’t claim them as yours :)

Thanks a lot for the comment guys, love ya <3
Tags: !graphics, icons
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