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Under Cover ; PG

Title : Under Cover
Author : seetwopm
Rating : PG
Genre: Romance, fluff
Pairing : Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
Word Count : 1280 words
Summary : Chanyeol always thinks that the world is judging him in every kind of way.
Prompt : In which chanyeol is so insecure of his face he wears a paper bag to cover his "ugly" face. Thanks anon for the prompt. ) :D

Under Cover

Chanyeol always thinks that the world is judging him in every kind of way.

It started when he was in his elementary years, he spent his time running away from the insults came from his fellow class mates for his chubby cheeks and baby fat, trying his best to avoid all of those gazes directed at him. Bangs damped on his forehead as sweats trailing off of his temple.

Second Judgement he got in Junior High, when he had a crush on one of school’s heartthrobs, who happened to be a boy . A fucking gorgeous boy named Byun Baekhyun. Chanyeol tried to hide his feeling for him as much as possible but it failed miserably when that said Baekhyun knew about it and unfortunately (for Chanyeol), Baekhyun didn’t have a heart as flawless as his face. Chanyeol ended up walking in hall of shame along with other nerds from his school.

He got used to the judging looks until someday in his freshman year, he decided that he needed a private space for himself. A private space to hide where nobody cannot see him, in which nobody means nobody , including himself. And that was the day when he chose –probably the worst decision he ever made- to wear paper bag to cover his ugly face. Chanyeol never comes to realize how puberty did him justice. He didn’t know that now he, the-21-years-old-Park-Chanyeol, is a pretty decent young man with great build and such. No matter how many times his parents try to convince him that he has no reason to be ashamed of, All Chanyeol can see in the mirror is an awkward guy with rows of big teeth, enormous ears, and twitching eyes.


Chanyeol walks down the street after buying some books of his taste, with his face covered by that hideous paper bag as always. The paper bag is an ordinary paper bag people use to carry their groceries. Brown, plain, and simple, only there are two holes on it for his eyes. He is known as the paper bag guy around his neighbourhood. To tell the truth, that paper bag makes him look awful and suspicious, not to mention that his way of walking is pretty much awkward resulting him occasionally bumping on people.

He thinks that today will be just the same as the others-

-Only to find out that he is completely wrong.

A strong wind blows the paper bag off his head. He tries to grab the bag frantically, afraid of losing his “private sanctuary” because no, he doesn’t want all of those judging looks drilling holes on his skin. He chases for it with one hand tries to cover his face with books, but somewhere along the way he bumps into a small figure instead. It’s a boy, no, a guy, but he looks so much like a boy when Chanyeol manages to catch a glimpse of huge eyes staring at him. The small guy has a paper bag, his paper bag, in his hand. Chanyeol realizes that he lets his guard down and he abruptly covers his face again with the books, averting his gaze on the ground before he asks for his paper bag politely after showering him with ‘I am so sorry’ many times.

He waits patiently. One second, two seconds, three seconds, four seconds.... But there’s no answer from the other guy as he can’t see the guy’s face (or even if the guy is still there) since he still sets his gaze on the paving blocks. He starts to tremble, his brain is working hard to decide whether he should or should not try to ask for it the second time.

But apparently thepaper bag means so much for Chanyeol that he decides to throw his second attempts and bring his guts to the edge of his luck.

“Err, sorry, can I have the paper bag? ...... Please?” He gulps, preparing himself to hear some kind of insults he used to hear back then.

But he hears none of it. He hears nothing at all actually. Because the small guy doesn’t seem to say anything (Yes, he still there because Chanyeol still can see his shoes). Chanyeol’s mind is in a complete mess right now, anxiety creeps up his spine. It reminds him of his past, of the bullying he got when he was young. Sweats start to come down of his temple and he feels a bit dizzy due to the lack amount of oxygen he breathes.

“Sorry If I’m bothering you, but.. Can you please hand the bag over? I really need it, just give me the bag and I promise I’ll go away.” Chanyeol bits his lips and he feels like throwing up. He thinks that he’s gonna faint right there at the moment if only he doesn’t feel a small pat on his left arm.

And Chanyeol finally looks up.

He sees the guy, holding a small white board. It has neat words written down on it.

I’m sorry I couldn’t catch the words you said because you covers up your face so I can’t read your lips. It says


Chanyeol is dumbfounded right now. So that’s the reason that this guy doesn’t say anything. Because he simply can’t. And apparently, he can’t hear what Chanyeol said either because –Chanyeol presumes- that he’s deaf, probably since he was born guessing from his inability to talk.

The small guy erases the words quickly and he scribbles another in a matter of seconds before showing the white board to Chanyeol for the second time.

My name is Kyungsoo by the way. Is there anything I can do for you?

Ah so his name is Kyungsoo, Chanyeol thinks.

“I’m sorry, can I have my paper bag back, please?.... I really need it.” Chanyeol offers him a shy smile and he tries to say the words as clear as possible so that Kyungsoo can understand him by reading his lips.

You mean this paper bag? Ah Sure, it’s yours after all. But I’m kinda curious... If you don’y mind to tell me, Why do you need this bag so much? Kyungsoo writes, that huge eyes earlier staring at Chanyeol, gleaming with curiosity.

“Ah... Well, it’s just that, I need it to cover up my face-

Chanyeol stops for a while when he sees Kyungsoo’s brows furrowing into a questioning look.

-As you can see, I have a horrible face, so yeah.... I’m kinda ashamed and for the convenience of the others so yeah...” Chanyeol starts to ramble, vomiting words that he himself knows it was stupid.

But Kyungsoo shakes his head and he erases the words from the last time, replacing the words with the new ones hastily.

But I don’t understand

Chanyeol reads the words on the white board.

“Umm, sorry?” Chanyeol asks. Doubt lingers on his words as he can’t really catch what Kyungsoo means.

I don’t understand why you need this ugly bag to cover your face

Came another reply from Kyungsoo.

“Well, actually I’ve said said it before, I am ugly, so I-

But Chanyeol’s words are being cut out as Kyungsoo shows another words written on his board.

You’re Beautiful

Kyungsoo looks up at him like he means it. His eyes are round, and twinkling, and beautiful. Chanyeol suddenly feels his cheeks burning, he blushes madly and he can feel butterfly in his stomach. He smiles widely, showing rows of his teeth which Kyungsoo replies with his own smile, eyes turning into a cuple of crescent moons. Today is definitely not going to be the same. And maybe, just maybe, tomorrow won’t be the same anymore.


A/N: OH GOD, finally I can (sorta) get rid of the writer’s block! I’m really hapy that finally I can write something ;A; thanks to you anon, for the cute prompt ^^ and I’m really sorry if it wasn’t exactly the same as what you asked T^T

And I reaaaallly hope that you guys will enjoy this fic (well, and go easy on me lol) because it feels weird to write again and I still haven’t get used to it. But I hope I will anytime soon.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading and for the comment ^^ Love you guys <3
Tags: !fanfic, author: s, pairing: chanyeol/kyungsoo, rating: pg
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