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Boy I Think About It Every Night, and Day ; PG-13

Title : Boy I think about it every night, and day
Author : seetwopm
Rating : PG-13
Genre: Romance, fluff
Pairing : Chanyeol/Kyungsoo, slight baekhyun/chen
Word Count : 6628 words
Summary : Two weeks after his first meeting with Kyungsoo, that feeling is still there. He feels like he’s gonna puke everytime he sees him because of that silly butterflies in his stomach. And finally after a few hellos and goodbyes, Chanyeol thinks that he's slowly falling for Kyungsoo.
Prompt : chanyeol sends his little brother everyday to the kindergarten before he walks to uni. one day, he's sending his little brother as usual but he's greeted by a new teacher, not the sweet miss sooyoung but a male teacher with owl like eyes and a heart shaped smile. Thanks anon for the prompt. ) ^^

Boy I Think About It Every Night, and Day

Chanyeol thinks that his life is wonderful. Well, it might not be perfect, but he’s quite happy with his current life. He has everything he needs, family, best friends, great looks, decent personality, and all that jazz.

If there’s something that is missing from his life, that would be a lover.

It’s not that Chanyeol doesn’t think about it, it’s just that he hasn’t found someone who’s clicked with him. He wants someone who can make him feel the jynx, completing each other just like two pieces of lego which are meant to be.

But today he might already find that someone, in a place that he never thought of before. And as Chanyeol stares at that person -mouth slightly opens as he loses his ability to speak- the person approaches him with a cute smile plastered on his face.

“Good morning.” The guy with owl-like eyes and heart-shaped smile greets him in a kind manner.

“....... Eh? You... What?”

Chanyeol mentally punches himself right on his face when he can finally register what he just said to the other guy. Because God, that was not only such a dumb answer, but that was kind of rude as well, and all he wants to do is crawling to a hole where he can bury himself.

“Hyung, Teacher Soo just greeted you.”

Chansoo tugs at Chanyeol’s skinny navy jeans, but seeing that his hyung makes no reaction at his action, he finally decides to speak for him instead.

“I’m sorry Teacher Soo, my brother is kinda weird and sometimes he can be a little stupid, but normally he’s not that bad.” Chansoo finishes his word with a single bow and an earnest look.

Kyungsoo laughs. And his laughter sounds really sweet in Chanyeol’s ears that he finally wakes up from his musing.

“I-I... Ah yes, I’m so sorry, I am Chanyeol, Park Chanyeol, nice to meet you... And uh... Good morning. To you.” He clears his throat briefly before offering (as what he thinks) the nicest smile he has.

“You must be Chansoo’s brother, I’ve heard about you from him yesterday. You may not know me because I’m a new teacher here. Well, actually I’m the temporary substitute for Mrs. Choi Sooyoung since she’s on her maternal leave. My name is Do Kyungsoo, and it’s a pleasure to meet you too.” The guy says while bowing his head politely.

And all Chanyeol can see are huge, twinkling orbs staring at his eyes.

Little did he know that it was his first meeting with his future significant other.


“But hyung, I haven’t finish my breakfast yet...” Chansoo whines when Chanyeol kneels down to help him tying his shoelaces.

“If we don’t hurry up then you’re gonna be late, and hyung will miss the class channie-ah.” Chanyeol replies calmly without even looking up, he’s still busy trying to knot the laces as fast as he can. But honestly, he doesn’t even know why he tries to speed things up, it’s not that they are already late, moreover they’re a bit earlier today. It’s just that there’s an urge (Chanyeol swears that it’s a premonition of something rather good happening) that makes him to do so.

“But it was eggs and bacons, you know I like it so much...” Chansoo mumbles, still looking at his hyung.

Chanyeol chuckles at his little brother’s cuteness. He pinches his chubby cheeks (which earns a yelp, a slap, and an “I’m not a kid hyung!”) before he holds his hand and walks him to the kindergarten.


It is a routine for Park Chanyeol to take his little brother, Chansoo, to his kindergarten every morning before he walks to his college (Yes, he walks, because the college is only eleven or twelve minutes walk from his house). The Kindergarten is coincidentally located on the same route that he takes everyday. Actually it is kind of weird for him to have a brother who’s still that young in his age now. Chanyeol is currently finishing his last year of college and he’s 22 this year so it means that they have 17 years of age gap between them. It is obvious that Chansoo is indeed a precious little slip. But Chanyeol doesn’t mind though, it makes him loves his dongsaeng even more. Because he always wants a brother since he was 8, all he got at that time was only a noona who’s older than him by 3 years. So when his little Chansoo started to attend his first pre-school about a year ago, he kindly offered himself to take him there every morning.

Their little trip to the kindergarten is as ordinary as always. Chansoo gets excited chasing the pigeons when they walk past a local park in their neighbourhood while Chanyeol is being dragged along. They greet the aunty who runs a small flower stand before they finally arrive at the front gate of the kindergarten.

But instead of being greeted by the familiar sight of Mrs. Sooyoung in front of the gate, he’s being greeted by a completely different sight. This time it is a male teacher who escorts the kids.

And Chanyeol doesn’t understand why his heart skips a beat when the new teacher turns to look at him.


“Why didn’t you tell me that there is a new teacher in your school Channie-ah?” Chanyeol asks his dongsaeng later that night when both of them are chilling out in the living room after dinner. To tell the truth, he can’t stop thinking about that certain guy today. Not even in his classes until his dumb best friends, Baekhyun and Jongdae, had to smack him on the head when he was practically drowned in his own thought. Sure, Kyungsoo is kind of cute. But it is definitely not the reason for him to feel this way. He feels some kind of strange attraction towards him. Maybe, just maybe, for the first time in his life, he can feel the jynx.

“I was planning to, but I was kind of maaaaaad (yes, he does prolong the spelling) at you this morning.” Chansoo exclaims while puffing his already chubby cheeks.

“Mm-hmm, why were you maaaaaad at me then?” Chanyeol chuckles, reenacting his brother’s tone.

“Because you didn’t let me finish my breakfast, hyung.”

Chanyeol laughs and starts to tickle his adorable little brother.

He smiles and he thinks to himself that he needs to thank the Lord more for all of the beautiful things that he’s got.


Two weeks after his first meeting with Kyungsoo, that feeling is still there. He feels like he’s gonna puke everytime he sees him because of that silly butterflies in his stomach. And finally after a few hellos and goodbyes, Chanyeol thinks that he's slowly falling for Kyungsoo.

Chanyeol never manages to build a proper conversation with Kyungsoo though, because mostly his little brother will cockblock him whenever he’s trying to flirt with the young teacher, dragging him away before chanyeol can start a lame, typical conversation about the weather. Well, not to mention that his ultimate crush is pretty popular among the children. It’s almost frustrating at times, but he can’t deny that he’s a bit scared and lost. He still doesn’t know how to act if someday they get a chance to be alone together.


“I think I’ve got a crush.” The line slips out of Chanyeol’s mouth even before he can realize (and he mentally curses himself for that).

“...... Excuse me?” Baekhyun turns his head to him, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion. They are in the locker room, picking up some books for the next classes. Baekhyun has to admit that Chanyeol had been acting weird these days. Now everything is kind of make sense.

“I said I’ve got a crush on someone.” Chanyeol repeats, leaning his tall figure on the wall behind him. He closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose because he can’t believe that he’s finally telling his best friends about this matter. He intended to keep this thing only for himself but it turns out that he simply can’t. He needs someone to talk about it.

“The last time you got a crush it was on Baekhyun.” Jongdae murmurs while circling his arms possesively around the said guy.

“It was way back then when we were in High School, okay? We were barely sixteen at that time... And things didn’t even work out between us.” Baekhyun replies as he rolls his eyes, trying to free himself from his lover’s arms.

“This time is... Different. I can feel it, and maybe he can feel it too.” Come another words from Chanyeol. His tone is somehow reassuring , but it is more directed towards himself.

“Well, It’s a ‘he’ then. Okay, now I wanna hear about the guy who can make you feel that infamous jynx you always talk about and how you can be so sure that he isn’t just your flavour of the month.” Says Jongdae with a tone that somehow conveys mockery.

“So.... There is this guy, a guy I just met recently and turns out that he is Chansoo’s new teacher. First time I saw him I already feel something is gonna happen between us. I mean It’s almost like we’re meant to be, I even feel like throwing up everytime I see him.”

“....God, That’s gross.” Baekhyun snaps.

“Yeah, that’s disgusting.” Jongdae agrees.

Chanyeol decides to ignore his retarded friends because it is not the time to bother with those fools. He inhales a deep breath before he decides to go on with the story.

“But the thing is... I’m somewhat frustrated because I make no progress until now. The kids keep cockblocking me when I try to woo him. And we’re only having lame and short convos so far, and most of it begin with good morning. I don’t even know if he’s into guys or not, dammit.” Chanyeol throws his head back, burying his face in his palms.

“I always think that you’re an idiot, but not to this extend.” Jongdae says nonchalantly, deciding not to pay attention to Chanyeol’s fuss anymore while gathering his books from the locker. (Baekhyun snorts and adds another “Yeah, you’re right.”)

Chanyeol has to refrain the urge to strangle both of them. Instead, he gives them the ‘No, You fucking don’t’ look.

“Oh yes, I do. Because you are utterly stupid. Man, sometimes I can’t even understand where all of those good grades come from. I mean, isn’t it obvious?” Jongdae retorts.

And he finally smacks Jongdae right on his head.

“Whoa, easy lover boy. What we’re trying to say is.... You just said that the guy is your brother’s new teacher, right? And that your brother keeps cockblocking you, so why don’t you just turn the cockblocker into your wingman? That’s easy.” Baekhyun says after caressing Jongdae’s head.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Chanyeol asks, a bit puzzled, because these days his mind is too preoccupied by certain huge eyes and heart-shaped lips that he finds it hard to proccess another thing.

“You can fucking ask your little brother to be your fucking wingman.” Jongdae grunts, hands still rubbing his head.

“Are you freaking kidding me? Because for your information, he’s just five.”



“Exactly. He’s too young to be a wingman. That’s what your crush gonna think, so it’s easier for you, you won’t get caught.” Baekhyun shrugs. Sure, it is a fact that Baekhyun and Jongdae bicker a little too much for a couple, but if there’s someone in the world who can actually understand Jongdae, it would be Baekhyun.

He hates to admit it but somehow that idea seems promising. Chanyeol never thinks of that before. (Oh, he barely thinks these days actually.) The idea is perfect except that there’s one thing that is still bothering him.

“So how am I gonna do that? How can I ask Chansoo to do so?”

“Candies. Try candies. Kids love candies.” Jongdae says calmly before he closes his locker.


Park Chanyeol still can’t believe that now he’s standing in front of the kindergarten’s gate. He still can’t believe that he finally, for once, listens to “The Great” Byun Baekhyun and Kim Jongdae. He waits patiently, savoring his time to rethink about the plan. Taking Chansoo home from school is actually his older sister’s job. But today after he finished the class, Chanyeol immediately called Yura, his noona, to tell her that he’s going to walk his five year old brother home this afternoon, saying that he had no class left and wanted to take Chansoo to the ice cream bar near the subway. His noona didn’t smell something fishy though (that Chayeol felt really grateful) and said yes right away.

He looks around, he is apparently surrounded by parents who want to take their kids home as well. Most of them are faces he has never seen before but he can recognize few of them, including a young –ridiculously handsome– executive named Kris Wu and his husband, Zhang Yixing, who happen to be his neighbour. He sends them a little nod and smiles, secretly thinking how romantic they are and wondering if someday he can be like that as well.

Chanyeol waits for another ten minutes before finally he sees Chansoo and his friends being escorted to the gate by his lovely crush. Kyungsoo wears a colorful checkered shirt today and it makes him look twice cuter than usual. Chansoo sees him (because God, Chanyeol looks more like a giant tower compared to the other parents, well except for that Kris guy who has equally intimidating height) and he quickly runs to hug him before asking where Yura noona is and why it’s Chanyeol who takes him home today. Chanyeol lies that his noona is busy so that he is in charge of taking him home. Chansoo nods and starts to tell him what he has learned today, but before Chanyeol can respond to Chansoo’s story, Kyungsoo is approaching him and suddenly his brain forgets what he wants to say.

“Good afternoon, Chanyeol-ssi.” Kyungsoo smiles and there it is, a heart-shaped smile that he adores more than anything.

“Ah, Good morning, no, afternoon. To you. Too.” He quickly adds. Great Chanyeol, now he must be thinking that I’m somekind of moron.

“Hyung, why are your cheeks turning red? Are you sick? You look so pink.” Chansoo points out when Chanyeol blushes madly.

“No, no, of course not, it’s just that it’s really hot right now, so yeah... Hey, why don’t you play with your friends first, hyung needs to say something to Teacher Soo.” Chanyeol prays that his brother will just buy it and go play with his friends.

Chansoo looks at him. At first he looks a bit confused but finally he says ‘okay’ and goes to play with his friends in the sandbox.

“I’m sorry, sometimes Chansoo is a little bit over-excited, I hope he doesn’t put you in any difficult situation. Oh, and today Yura Noona is a bit busy, so I offered her to take Chansoo home.” Chanyeol smiles widely, he praises himself for gaining back his ability to speak properly.

“No, of course he doesn’t, Chansoo is a good kid.” Kyungsoo chuckles before he adds, “I have to do something else, but it is nice to talk to you Chanyeol-ssi, I hope we can talk again later.”

He smiles before excuses himself and greets the other parents.

Well, it is nice to talk to you as well, Do Kyungsoo. Chanyeol thinks.


“Why are you suddenly taking me to the ice cream bar?”

“I thought you like ice cream.”

“Yes, I like it so much hyung, but it’s just weird, it’s not my birthday, or your birthday, or Yura noona’s birthday, or Mom’s birthday, or-“

“It’s because I love my dongsaeng a little bit too much.” Chanyeol says before Chansoo can mention all-of-the-people-he-knows’ birthday.

“Oh okay, that makes sense, I am indeed lovable.” Chansoo says proudly followed by his hyung’s laughter.

“Yes, yes, you are. Anyway, chansoo-ah...?”

“Yes hyung?” Chansoo looks up after taking a spoonful of his banana split into his mouth.

Chanyeol hesitates a bit, he pauses for a few seconds before finally he asks “Do you want to help your hyung....?”


“....So Teacher Soo, I really hope that you’re going to come. Please, please...?”

Chansoo just finished his long speech that Chanyeol made up for him to say last night (or basically just a speech full of bullshit). He agreed to help his hyung to befriend the young teacher after being promised of candies (and bubble teas). Essentially, he just said to Kyungsoo that next Sunday is Chanyeol’s birthday and he gets three free passes to the amusement park. But unfortunately, all of his family members are coincidentally being all busy, so Chansoo has an idea to ask Teacher Soo to join them (Yes, this sounds really dumb but whatever, Chanyeol couldn’t think of any better reason ).

Kyungsoo considers about it for a moment, but after he sees Chansoo’s pleading eyes, he finally says “Okay, I’ll come.” He ends it with a smile, giving a light stroke to Chansoo’s hair.

The little boy smiles widely, giving him promise that it will be really fun before he catches up with his friends to play cops and robbers.


Chanyeol would be lying if he said he didn’t panic after Chansoo told him that Kyungsoo agreed to go with them next Sunday. He’s thrilled, but also panic (He even red an article titled ‘3 Things Panic Attacks Don’t Want You to Know’ on the internet two days ago). So when the D-Day comes, Chanyeol feels like he’s going to explode because he cannot contain all the feels anymore. He spends a whole hour to choose what he’s going to wear on his first date (yes, he’d like to call it a date). At last, he decides to wear his new black jacket with dark grey-checkered shirt underneath and his favorite black skinny jeans. He stares on his own reflection in the mirror before he whispers you can do it, Park Chanyeol.


The date is going well so far. Chanyeol drives and they go to Kyungsoo’s apartment first to pick him up before heading to the amusement park (Kyungsoo wears a really cute yellow –sightly over-sized– hoodie and Chanyeol immediately thinks that yellow is indeed a color made for Kyungsoo).They ride the merry-go-round (Chanyeol has to fold his legs because it’s too long that it brushes the ground when the ride goes down and Kyungsoo laughs because of it) and then they enter the house of mirrors where Chansoo finds it really amusing as he wanders around by himself, leaving both Chanyeol and Kyungsoo alone (and it’s bad because it’s kinda awkward and Chanyeol can feel his cheeks start to burn). They skip the roller coaster because Chansoo doesn’t meet the requirement to ride it yet and choose the bumper car instead. They ride together in one car because Chansoo wants it that way (well, with a little hint from Chanyeol). The bumper car is really fun and it turns out to be one of Chanyeol’s favorite rides because he manages to steal a brief hug when their car bumps with another and kyungsoo lets out a soft shriek. After that, Chansoo drags them by the hands to The Haunted Mansion. Turns out that Chanyeol is the one who screams everytime the ghosts appear while Kyungsoo (and surprisingly, Chansoo, the five-year-old) seem to enjoy the ride.

They go to the local restaurant inside the park for the lunch. The aunty who serves the food says that they look great together and wishes them a happy marriage life. Chanyeol chokes on his drink while Kyungsoo stiffens in his seat. Chanyeol might be wrong, but he swears that he catches a glimpse of Kyungsoo’s cheeks turning red. After a few more rides, three cans of sodas, and popsickles, the day comes to an end. When they finally ride the Ferris Wheel, the sun is almost gone and Chansoo already falls asleep in Kyungsoo’s lap. The sky is painted yellow and orange with a tint of crimson. The colors are dancing beautifully through the window glass, shining on Kyungsoo’s hair. And Chanyeol’s mind can help but goes God, you’re so beautiful.

Except that it was not only his mind who just said that.

Because the next second he can see that Kyungsoo blushes madly before quietly says ‘thank you.’

Chanyeol clears his throat and abruptly looks away, trying to hide his own burning cheeks from Kyungsoo’s sight. They are in a fucking ferris wheel yet Chanyeol stil manages to embarrass himself n front of his crush. The silence creeps up between them for a while before finally Chanyeol finds the courage to break it.

“You seem to be really good at your job.”Chanyeol praises him and it is not a lie because Kyungsoo’s doing really well with the children.

“Thank you. I love kids, they’re cute and they make me happy. So I am more than willing to be a teacher for them.” Kyungsoo offers him his smile, complete with those owl-like eyes which are now staring straight back into his own eyes.

“Well, I’m just wondering, how old are you by the way? I mean you look so young...” Chanyeol asks again, it’s not for the sake of the conversation, but he really does curious about this matter since the first time they met.

“I’m 21, how about you?”

“Oh God, you’re slightly younger than me. I’m 22. Do you go to college?” A big grin plastered on Chanyeol’s face as he exclaims.

“Yes, I do. But I took the evening classes in order to do the job because the tuition doesn’t pay for itself.” Kyungsoo laughs but he keeps it low enough so that it doesn’t wake Chansoo up.

“Ah I see... I’m impressed. You really are a tough guy” –Chanyeol chuckles– “what major are you in?”

“Psychology, it helps me with kids, to tell the truth.” This time Kyungsoo lets out a chuckle while giving light strokes to Chansoo’s hair.

“It suits you, I can already picture you as a young and talented psychologist in a couple of years.”

“Nah, I’m not that great. How about you Chanyeol-ssi? What major are you in?” Kyungso blinks. Twice. Chanyeol counts it.

“Well, mine is Aeronautical Engineering.” Chanyeol answers shyly. He doesn’t even know why.

“Wow, that’s... Unexpected. I mean you don’t look like a nerd at all. I thought that you were in Music major or something.”

“I do have a band, I play guitar, and I may look really dumb, but I’m a nerd on the inside.” Chanyeol grins for the second time, showing rows of his big teeth.

But Kyungsoo seems like he suddenly remembers something. He takes out a small box wrapped in a blue paper with a pink ribbon on top of it from his bag.

“I’m sorry I almost forgot it, but Happy Birthday.” He hands the box to Chanyeol.

He feels guilty. To be fair, he forgot that he’s been lying to Kyungsoo and it’s not a great way to start something that (possibly) could be a relationship between them.

“..... You know, I’m really sorry, but I think you deserve to know the truth. I lied to you. This isn’t my birthday. I just made up a reason so that you agreed to hang out with me. I’m sorry but I can’t accept the gift. ” Chanyeol ends the line, slightly regreting the choice of words he just used.

“You know what Chanyeol-ssi? Actually I already knew.” Kyungsoo smirks.

Chanyeol gives him a dumbfounded look and Kyungsoo seems to enjoy it.

“The moment Chansoo said that all of your family were suddenly being busy I already knew that you just made up a reason. But I think you deserve a chance judging from the effort.” Kyungsoo blushes as he finishes his words.

They laugh and it’s silent once again. Chanyeol doesn’t know what he’s thinking about but suddenly he had already called Kyungsoo’s name, and as the younger guy looks up, he can hear himself asking something he wants all along.

“Can I.... Can I ask your number, Kyungsoo-ssi?” He blushes madly and he doesn’t even bother to hide it anymore because he is sure that Kyungsoo already knows.

And apparently, so does Kyungsoo.

“My number.... As in phone number?” Kyungsoo blurts out almost instantly and actually Chanyeol wants to laugh at his answer but he decides not to.

“Yes, your phone number. If you don’t mind of course.” Chanyeol quickly adds.

“No, no, of course I don’t mind. Moreover I... was going to ask yours if you didn’t ask mine.” And Kyungsoo can feel his ears burning.


Things are going pretty well for Chanyeol these days. After he got Kyungsoo’s number, they were constantly changing texts for the next few weeks. And just three days ago, that intense texting session evolving into brief wake up and midnight calls. They even already drop the honorific terms between them. Kyungsoo calls him Chandobi while Chanyeol calls Kyungsoo Dororo (and sometimes he even adds My little before the Dororo. Yes, Chanyeol is that tacky).

Everything is going according to his plan, yes, everything.

Until one day he sees that guy.

That guy who has his arms around Kyungsoo’s shoulder. His Kyungsoo.

Chanyeol wants to punch that guy right away before he realizes that the thing between him and Kyungsoo is a little too vague, and it annoys him so much that he drags himself away before Kyungsoo can even see him.


He refuses to take Chansoo to the kindergarten the next day. And the day after. And the day after. And the day after.

He also refuses to reply any of Kyungsoo’s texts nor calls. He’s being childish, he knows, but he just can’t help it. He’s too selfish that he wants Kyungsoo only for himself and he isn’t willing to share with anybody else. Not even that guy, who seems disgustingly close to Kyungsoo.


“Okay, now spill it.” Baekhyun gives him one of his horrid looks which practically saying ‘Oh yeah, you fucked up.’

“Spill what? And don’t you give me that bitch face of yours, cause I’m really not in the mood to screw around.” Chanyeol mutters, playing with his lunch, looking completely unamused.

“Don’t be silly Chanyeol, you’ve been acting like a jackass all day long. I know you have something in your mind. We all know.”

Come to think about it, Baekhyun is probably right as he recalls what he had done today. He did act like a jerk. He told Jongdae to fuck off for calling him Virgin Marry (Well, Jongdae deserves it though). But he also snapped at Baekhyun when he accidentally dropped a book which happened to be landed on the top of his shoes (Chanyeol is never a short-tempered man before), and the worst of all, he told a certain freshman with massive eyebags under his feline eyes to go die for bumping him in the hallway. It was not the freshman’s fault, moreover it was all Chanyeol’s fault because he had been walking slash daydreaming without even looking forward. The freshman sobbed dramatically and left him dumbfounded (Because God, that guy’s appearance really didn’t give him any clue that on the inside he was such a cry baby), causing many people gave him inappropriate looks.

“You’re being a drama queen-” Jongdae says with a somewhat serious tone and Baekhyun nods in agreement, “-You can’t play the drama queen, it’s Baekhyun’s role, remember?” Jongdae laughs crazily followed by his lover’s death glare(Chanyeol even snorts because he can’t agree more).

“I’m fine guys. It’s just that things aren’t going really well recently.”

“I swear to God you just said that things were going your way few days ago.” Baekhyun rolls his eyes. Even though Chanyeol doesn’t mention it, he already knows that by things Chanyeol means Kyungsoo-related things.

“It did, it was going well, until I saw him wrapped in that guy’s arms days ago. That guy even looked silly. All blond with tanned skin which make him look like a surfer boy or something. Kyungsoo never tells me about this guy before.”

It is silent. Jongdae and Baekhyun look at each other in disbelief.

“Is that it? Is that why you’ve been throwing a fit these days? Holy Crap, you are indeed an idiot Chanyeol.” Baekhyun exclaims , still cannot believe what he just heard.

“That guy might even be his brother.”

“Or his cousin.”

“Or his father.”


“No, Jongdae, just... No. The guy can’t be his father.” Chanyeol face-palmed, feeling even more frustrated than before. (He can hear Baekhyun’s ’The fuck is wrong with you man’ and Jongdae’s ’I tried, okay?’)

“Let’s be serious guys. Do I seem like a joke to him? Why he never tells me about that guy? If he-“

“Okay, I’m not, no scratch that, I never, good at consoling people, but let’s be clear here. Did you ask him out already?” Jongdae cuts his words. And his question is really sharp that Chanyeol’s throat suddenly feels dry.

“Well, I mean after that amusement park date, weeks of texting, of all those wake up and midnight calls, and even Chandobi-loves-Dororo thing (Jongdae and Baekhyun furrow their eyebrows in suspicion at this), it is impossible for him not to realize my feeling.”

“You’re not answering my question. Did you. Or did you not. Ask him out?”

Chanyeol takes a deep breath before finally he releases it as a long sigh.

“I didn’t.”

“It’s settled then. It’s your fault.”


“Still no answer, hyung?”

The blonde guy yawns while scratching his hair lazily. He has seen the older guy staring at his phone for hours, and it’s weird since the older never really cares about someone’s reply that much. It makes him think that maybe, just maybe this time is an exception.

Kyungsoo shakes his head silently, eyes still glued on his phone’s screen. He’s hoping that somehow the LED will light up. Waiting is a painful thing, kyungsoo thinks. Chanyeol never makes him wait before, well, he usually texts him or call him first anyway. His eyes sting, and he can feel his own tears are pooling on his eyes. It’s not about the unanswered texts or the ignored calls, to be honest, he misses Chanyeol, so bad that it hurts.

“You sure you didn’t say something funny to him?”

“No, of course not. The last conversation we had was about a new cafe down the street.” And he promised to take me there on a date.

“Or maybe he’s just bu-“

“I don’t know. I don’t even know why I’m being like this.”


“I don’t know, Jongin. I really don’t want to talk about it right now.”


“After all this time, you know, maybe he’s just playing around. It’s a mistake, I should’ve known it from the beginning.”

“Hyung, I think I know something-

-I think you like him.”


Chanyeol keeps thinking about what Jongdae said to him during the lunch. He is now in his bedroom, tuning his stratocaster because it sounds really awful after Jongdae returned it two days ago (God, what the hell did Jongdae do to his favorite guitar?). He is kind of angry, but it is more like to himself because deep down in the bottom of his heart, he knows that Jongdae is right. He never really tells his feeling to Kyungsoo (weird flirting doesn’t count in this matter), and maybe his friends are right, maybe the guy is just his friend, best friend probably, or maybe he is his cousin or something. And it’s probably his fault, for never asking him to go out properly. Well, mostly it’s because Chanyeol is an awkward giant whenever it comes to Kyungsoo.

Chanyeol is too absorbed in his own thought that he doesn’t hear someone knocking on his door. It takes five seconds until finally Chansoo barging in since his hyung doesn’t give him any response.

“Chanyeol hyung, why won’t you go to the kindergarten with me again?”

Actually, Chanyeol always knows that this question will come,sooner or later. The moment Chansoo enters his room, it is also the moment when Chanyeol realizes that he cannot avoid it anymore. To be honest, running from the reality is not his thing at all, he knows that somehow, he should face it. He doesn’t need anybody to tell him to man up, he needs to do it for himself, and for Kyungsoo.

“Hyung is kind of busy these days......” Chanyeol trails off, and as he sees the sad looks in Chansoo’s eyes, he quickly adds “But I will take you to your school after I have a free time, Channie-ah.” Chanyeol lies. And he feels bad for it.

“Teacher Soo was asking me about you today, hyung. He looked a bit sad.”


“He’s worried about you, since you never come again, he’s hoping that everything is alright.”

“But I...............”

“I don’t know what makes you like this, but hyung, tomorrow is Teacher Soo’s last day in school since Teacher Sooyoung is back. And we’re going to throw a farewell party for him. I’m really hoping that you’ll come.” And that is the last thing Chansoo said to him before he excused himself.


Chanyeol barely notices his surrounding as he runs as fast as he can, not even bothering to wear his navy varsity jacket properly. He manages to stop by the small flower shop near Chansoo’s school to buy some flowers (a bouquet of red roses, classic, because for God’s sake, at this very moment Chanyeol’s brain refuses to think of anything due to the lack of oxygen he breathes). This is not what he had imagined yesterday, Chanyeol is not the type of person who won’t prepare for something in advance, not to mention that this ‘something’ is pretty important for him. Let’s just say that today is an exception because apparently the goddess of fortune turned her graceful back on him as he encountered in a series of unfortunate events (Chanyeol had sworn that his life suddenly turned into a children storybook with the same title and Jongdae clapped like a seal in response, thank you very much). It started because of his own stupidity (no, seriously, who would rehearsing his speech of apology in the middle of the class.....when the professor –who’s famous for his killer style of teaching- was actually there other than Park Chanyeol, he didn’t even realize it until Baekhyun had to smack him right on his head.) He got a detention, of course, he had to clean the public toilet in his campus after the class. The series of unfortunate events didn’t end that way, when he cleaned the toilet with the help of devil’s spawns (re: Jongdae and Baekhyun), he dropped his watch in the closet by mistake and sadly... Jongdae who had already finished scrubbing the closet accidentally pushed the flushed button. (“Goddammit Jongdae that’s Adidas!” Chanyeol screamed at the top of his lungs).

In a conclusion, one thing leads to another and here he is, standing in front of his brother’s school gate, sweating like a pig. He inhales a deep breath before he starts to enter the building. He’s ready for this, it is now or never. He cannot make Kyungsoo to wait for him forever, he’s already being the bad guy for ignoring Kyungsoo’s texts and calls without an explanation. He takes small steps, enjoying his time of contemplation while walking and before he realizes, he already arrives to Chansoo’s class room.

Chanyeol sees him, he sees Kyungsoo, surrounding by the children, and Kyungsoo sees him too. For a second Chanyeol thinks of running away but he’s glad that he still has his right mind. He enters the classroom nervously as all of the eyes are on him right now. He tells Chansoo and his friends that he’s gonna borrow their favorite Teacher Soo (Kyungsoo rejects it at first, but Chansoo gives him a sad look and begging him to say yes, so finally Kyungsoo agrees) for a moment before dragging Kyungsoo out of the room by holding his hand.

“Kyungsoo... I-I’m so sorry for these past few days. I’m being such an idiot. I know you must be mad at me and you probably don’t want to see me anymore.....” Chanyeol trails off as he finds it hard to keep going on, the bouquet of roses in his hand is long forgotten.

“I don’t understand, really. One time you make up and in another time you’re kicking me down. You are a one confusing human being, Chanyeol, and I don’t know if I can cope with that...” Kyungsoo looks down and he smiles a little, the scene makes Chanyeol flinches as he sees a glimpse of hurt in Kyungsoo’s eyes.

“You have to know that I don’t mean to hurt you. It’s all my fault... For being a jealous prick.”

“........ Sorry?”

“Yeah, I’ve been jealous because I saw you, all wrapped in that blond guy’s arms, and ever since that day I couldn’t think straight and oh God I’m a horrible person, I’m so sorry, I should have been asked you about it first.”

“Wait...... Is it Jongin that you’re talking about? Oh my God Chanyeol....”–Kyungsoo starts too laugh and Chanyeol can feel that his cheeks are burning from embarrassment- “....I really can’t believe that you get jealous because of him, he’s just my roommate, and he’s already taken, so don’t worry about it.”

“But still... I feel bad about it... I didn’t even ask if you want to my boy-“ Chanyeol stops immediately as he finally realizes what he’s about to say, and once again in his life, he wants to slap the shit out of himself for being utterly stupid.

“What is it?” Kyungsoo asks him quitely, a teasing smile plastered on his face. Dammit, he knows it already.

“no, it’s nothing.” Chanyeol lies.


“Okay, Screw it. Kyungsoo, I like you, like really like you. It’s not like Chansoo likes ice cream, it’s way more than that. I mean I like you like you, and I’d be really glad if you want to be my clover, no, I mean my lover, dammit just what am I saying, I don’t even know I’m so sor-“

Chanyeol’s words has been cut by the softness of Kyungsoo’s lips against his own. Kyungsoo is kissing him. Do kyungsoo tiptoes in front of him and kissing Chanyeol tenderly before saying “I’d be glad to be your boyfriend, I think I might be crazy because I don’t think that you will say it anytime soon.”

It takes a few seconds for Chanyeol to be back in reality, he finally wraps his long and toned arms around Kyungsoo’s tiny waist, pulling him into a slopy kiss.He doesn’t even care if the children are watching because today he wants to make it up to Kyungsoo, he wants to assure him that there’s nothing in this world that is more important than a certain boy with owl-like eyes and heart-shaped lips who stole his heart long time ago.


A/N: OH GOD, FIRST OF ALL I REALLY WANNA SAY SORRY TO THE ANON, I supposed to post this fic long time ago as I already completed it almost a year ago but I kind of forgot to do so and didn’t have a chance to post it until now ;A; (and tbh I feel so ashamed because this fic is so crappy and corny and tacky at the same time I can’t even----)

But thank you for reading it ^^ I’ll be back to write more when the holiday comes <3
Tags: !fanfic, author: s, pairing: baekhyun/chen, pairing: chanyeol/kyungsoo, rating: pg-13
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